The ladies’ uniform of a long black skirt and a green blouse had been in place for 7 years.
The choir was asked for volunteers to sit on a sub-committee for ladies' uniform. This was based on the fact that
a - material supplies are nearly out
b - many of the original blouses are frayed
c - many comments have been received from the choir feedback re the ladies' uniform, all of which were complaints or suggestions

Based on this the sub-committee's brief was to design and source a sustainable uniform
• that would suit everyone from style
• that would suit everyone from colour
• was practical for walking and climbing onto and off stage
• is uniform
• may permit the wearing of an additional layer underneath but will also not be too hot
• probably the most important point - is sustainable for another 10 years' time both in terms of pattern, colour and material supply
The result is 
• a black A-line dress with a deep inverted pleat at the back – practically the most desirable and suits all shapes and sizes and permits movement
• zip at the back or side, 
• 3/4 sleeves – more practical in both winter and summer
• scooped round neck but not too low
• material: satin crepe, black
• scarf to be worn around the neck in a contrasting colour in a satin, chiffon or georgette: this to be sourced at a later date and colours to be determined at a later date. 
• Fit: to be semi-fitted but not tight and to have a pocket in either the inside sleeve or in the hem to permit the storing of lipsticks and handkerchiefs.

The proposal was for the dress to be worn for the first time for the Elijah concert in March 2007: when it was proposed to the choir, however, the choir decided that, if possible, we would wear it for the November concert with a large poppy.

The dress: a black satin crepe which should minimise static, not necessarily require ironing and be washable has been proposed, together with a dress-maker who will work on a verbal retainer basis (ie no payment to keep her required).

Dress maker details: 
Sewing Corner, 135 Dale Road, Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 3LU, Margaret, 01629 760299

Material: satin-backed black crepe which has been available for more than 10 years from most material shops.

Dress cost is £69.00 which, based on 10 years’ wear and 4 concerts a year works out at £1.73 per wear.

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