Midi Files

These 'home created files' provide the notes and rhythm and may be helpful for practice and to get an initial feel for the sound of a piece but I have not found time to put in the dynamics so loudness and tempo changes are generally missing.
The stereo balance of the parts will, in general, allow you to pick out the soprano and alto at the right and the tenor and bass at the left using your balance control (or cover one speaker!). The quality of sound you hear will depend upon the quality of MIDI instruments from your sound card and on your speaker system.

Here are some more sites that provide midi files:

And here is a site suggested by Peter Jones that offers software to allows you to modify the midi files, change tempo and instrument, display score etc.

Files of music we are currently learning. Double click to open each file in a new window to be played by Windows Media Player or your selected media software. Note: you can download the files. Right click on a file link and then, in the dialogue box that opens, indicate the directory where you want to store it. Once saved you might have software to burn a CD or you might be able to rip it to your MP3 player.